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Pargon Ultimate LED Light Beauty Device Anti-Aging Facial Skin Tightening Device

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The Ultimate LED Light Photon Beauty Device with Heating, Cooling, and Eye Treatment Features.About the Product
  • LED Anti Aging will rejuvenate your skin appearance and structure using dual action techniques- Red LED light and topical heating care.
  • The PARAGON LED Anti Aging uses red and infrared LEDS in the range of 700-940 nm
  • LED facial technology gently delivers precise dosages of energy to the skin
  • The PARAGON’S Heating, Cooling, & Eye Care Therapies are combined with a gentle vibration to enhance treatments, stimulate blood circulation, and improve the penetration and effectiveness of all skincare routines.
  • The PARAGON LED comes with manufacture LIFE TIME WARRANTY
  • Product Description

    The Science Behind PARAGON The future of skin care The PARAGON by Forever Flawless has the following features: Heating Red Light Therapy Heating Red Light Therapy (45ºC/113ºF) Opens the pores, stimulates blood circulation, detoxifies the skin, and diminishes fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes. Cooling Blue Light Therapy Cooling Blue Light Therapy (2ºC/35ºF) Tightens and firms the skin, reduces pore size, lifts sagging skin, and provides age-defying properties. Eye Care Therapy Eye Care Therapy Provides a gentle massage treatment for the delicate skin in the eye area to reduce under eye puffiness, crow’s feet, and reduce the visibility of fine lines. Technology invented Technology invented by NASA What is PARAGON? The PARAGON by Forever Flawless is a LED Light Photon Beauty Device that will revive and revitalize your skin for a Flawless appearance inside-out. A PARAGON is a perfect, flawless diamond. Our LED Light Photon Beauty Device was named after and inspired by the amazing properties of a PARAGON because it unleashes the powers to assist in battling any visible signs of premature aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, marks, and blemishes, resulting in a rejuvenated, radiant, and flawless appearance. Stimulates Collagen growth Restore younger looking skin Best for tightening and lifting problem areas High-performance Diamond Infused Regenerating Serum The Paragon Beauty Device is accompanied with a high-performance Diamond Infused Regenerating Serum (included) based on hyaluronic acid to promote collagen reproduction, hydrate the skin, and provide many age defying benefits. This Serum is to be applied before the LED Light Photon Therapy for better results. It will prepare the skin for the therapy. After the LED Light

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