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Product Zone Group®

Pricing & Market Intelligence



  • Product Zone Group® Market Price Comparisons And Automatic Updating Within Rules To Competitor Pricing -Over 1,200,000 Prices Checked Each Day
  • Product Zone Group® More Than 1,000,000,000 Product Prices Checked Overall
  • Product Zone Group® Prices Dynamically Adjusted Within Set Parameters To Ensure Desired Competitiveness
  • Product Zone Group® Competitor Intelligence Storing And Supply Of Product Zone Group® Pricing Information For Individual Marketplaces.

Product Zone Group® Pricing Engine

  • Product Zone Group® Dynamically Adjusts Prices Based On Changes In Currency, Product, Freight Or Labour Costs.
  • Product Zone Group® Interface With Market Price Comparisons To Adjust Prices Based On Competitor Pricing.
  • Product Zone Group® Verification Of Costing To Actuals
  • Product Zone Group® Pricing Optimisation

Product Zone Group® Supplier Cascade

  • Product Zone Group® Prices And Stock Availability Updated 600 Times A Second
  • Product Zone Group® Automated Sourcing From Cheapest Supplier (Subject To In Full On Time Delivery Rate)
  • Product Zone Group® Able To Use In Full On Time Delivery Rate As Factor In Supplier Rank.
  • Product Zone Group® Ability To Load Multiple Suppliers For Each Product
  • Product Zone Group®  Automated Rebuy Systems If Initial Order Not Fulfilled
  • Smart Collections System