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Anti-Aging Facial Skin Tightening Device | In-Home FDA Cleared LED Infrared Red Light Therapy

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Anti-Aging Facial Skin Wrinkles Rejuvenation Care Device-Indoor LED Infrared Red Light System For Skin Collagen And Elasticity Treatment



  • Repairs collagen in your body dermis and is used as Anti-wrinkles accumulated for many years.
  • Designed with a combination of more infra led to supply to all skin layers, deeper and effective treatment.
  • Can be used from the range of 700-940nm with infrared red light to your skin.
  • Safely works and delivers precise dosage of energy to your skin
  • Keep skin structure and appearance rejuvenated by using dual action techniques-topical heat care and red led light for a flawless young looking skin.


                              Product description

Are you developing aging wrinkles, that you now found within you a strong wish to eliminate?  This  Anti-aging rejuvenation skin care device is all that you need to win the battle of aging wrinkles developed in your body. This was the main purpose in mind of designing this device to provide and help to deliver the safest and effective anti-aging facial product to all skins. It’s now the time to go on and take advantage of the highest technology available for the comfort and safety of your body even at home.

The device is made of red and infrared lights to stimulate natural body collagen production to enhance flawless and young looking skin. The light power works to repair the collagen that can be found down deep in your skin to be more flexible and works to improve the fine lines along with other problems that are in the skin for many years. This in a clear sense, decreases developed wrinkles and flaws found in your skin.

Emitted light rays come from led bulbs designed within the anti-aging device. A 640-840nm light ray’s power is received from bulbs to gain a safer amount of light that can move well and splendid in your skin.

It is recommended that the anti-aging device can be used 3 times in a week for the first month if need be, to get the best result. Thereafter the first month can be used normally, once a week. While utilizing the device in a slowly small circular motion, you may apply a light pressure. And a small quantity of moisturizing cream can be applied on the treated skin area after utilizing session along with gentle massage in a circular motion.