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Coeur De Jardin by Miller Harris Eau De Parfum Spray 3.4 oz

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The citrusy, crisp cocktail that is Coeur de Jardin is a charming scent with clues of lemon, peach, pear, and Italian bergamot. Interspersed with Turkish rose, tuberose, and jasmine absolute, the bouquet of fruits and blossoms swirl into an alchemy of tart playfulness and botanical elegance. Its base notes of orris butter, musk, amber, moss, and patchouli accentuate the fleur mixture to orchestrate a sweet, zesty harmony. The dashes of vanilla add a touch of flair to the scent. The house of Miller Harris conjures only the finest fragrances. Its diverse line of sophisticated fragrances, candles, and toiletries derive its ingredients from nature. Brainchild of founder Lyn Harris, the house of Miller Harris Perfumer London was built in the year 2000 and has continued to expand its empire ever since. Lyn Harris studied in Paris for five years and in Grasse at Robertet to fully grasp the identity of each element that serves as building blocks of each fragrance. Harrise exquisite taste and meticulous commitment to finding the purest and best natural ingredients can be experienced in each bottle of Miller Harris. Miller Harris uses only the finest raw materials, preserved to perfection to maintain the potency and essence of the natural fount. Playing with blends of flowers and greens, the world class perfumery studies its sources delicately to understand and optimize each and every scent. From sunny, natural aromas to cool, refined whiffs, Miller Harris has the perfect fragrance to match any occasion and atmosphere. Their arsenal of fragrances guarantee that there is a scent to suit everyone, from balms that evoke soft vulnerability to strong, complex musks that elicit power and confidence to men and women. This dedication to the art of perfume-making resulted in carefully crafted products and premium fragrances for 15 years and undoubtedly for many more to come.